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No more Bullets – updates

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Been posting various updates to the game over the last few days. The game is really turning into something playable and “complete”.

Today’s update is called the “Pentagram” update and comes with a nice little solution to both the monsters and restoring your health… so you figure out how it works yourselves!

Since the first version I have moved the graphics further away from their Heroes of Loot roots, and added various new stuff to the mix.  The game is very dark and a bit bloody compared to any of my other games, but it’s a nice change of pace for me :)

Go check it out and see how many days you can survive:

Play it here



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  • Swagmeister

    So do you think it’s likely you’ll port this to iOS as a quick free game? I’ve been playing it on my PC and it just seems perfect for my phone

    • orangepascal

      no idea yet. I might turn it into a full game, or I might just leave it as it is.

      I’ll first concentrate on wrapping up Groundskeeper2 the coming weeks and releasing that, then I’ll see what to do with this one :)