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Gunslugs 2 – it’s on…

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There you have it, the new game I hope to create and complete is Gunslugs 2. Ideas for the game have been brewing since Groundskeeper 2 early development. I was adding stuff to GK2 and couldn’t help but think “this would be awesome for Gunslugs”.

I don’t have all the ideas ready yet, but as you can see in the early prototype movie up there, I plan to add bigger and more interesting inside-area’s to the game. Basically the top-world is only there to act as doorways to the actual levels.. a chaotic doorway, but still just the entry point to the actual game.

Since it’s a sequel to an existing game, it’s gonna be a fine line between adding new stuff and staying true to what made the original populair.  At the core, Gunslugs was always about that heroic feeling and lots of big destruction, so that’s something I hope to recreate even in the inside-levels. Large area’s with stuff crumbling, breaking, exploding and causing chaos all over your screen.

…so let the fun begin :) Gunslugs 2 is hopefully coming this year!

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  • Swagmeister

    Have you put anymore thought into the Sci-Fi Heroes of Loot? I’m really looking forward to that becoming a real thing eventually :)

    On the topic of Gunslugs 2: I think the two features the first was lacking in the most was more and more varied types of weapons, and more variation between characters.

    But that’s just my opinion. I can see the similarity being purposeful to keep the game closer to the arcade feel.

    • orangepascal

      Sci-Fi HoL is still on my mind, just that I haven’t found the right style and ideas yet. Right now it all looks a lot like Heroes of Loot but with crappy sci-fi graphics :) so I need some more time to let that idea grow

      There will be more weapon stuff in Gunslugs 2, had some nice experimenting with that in Groundskeeper 2.

      And since this game will be a bit more story like, there might be room to have the characters behave a little different.. at least something I will try to do

  • Lewis

    So, I know you were asking for suggestions on what people would like to see in Gunslugs 2 elsewhere, hopefully you read these comments as well.

    If I had one gripe with Gunslugs (which is otherwise a very fun game that I often play on my Vita) it was that there was a huge disparity between damage that you take from enemy bullets, and basically any other sort of damage. That is to say, bullets felt like they did sod all and could be ignored almost all the time, but everything else (falling, mines, bouncing bombs, exploding barrels, giant worms) would kill you instantly. This meant that you could be happily storming through a level and all of a sudden death would come out of nowhere.
    In a game where dying once means the end of the game, that could be frustrating and lead to some very slow-paced play so as not to miss any possible one-hit-kill hazards.

    Not sure what the solution would be really. Less powerful mines/bombs/barrels coupled with more powerful (but fewer in number) enemy bullets? A health system closer to Groundskeeper2 where you can take a clear number of hits rather than a life-bar?
    *Shrugs* I’m not a games designer so I don’t know what would actually work. I just wanted to throw it out there as the one thing I’d like tweaked.

    Keep up the good work!

    • orangepascal

      agree on the damage, and where Gunslugs 1 was mostly just a chaotic “see how far you can go” game, I plan to make Gunslugs 2 a bit more story like, so damage/health will be more balanced cause that fits the slightly changed gameplay better.