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Gunslugs 2 get’s statistics

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The Daily Challenge was a great addition to the game, and a daily run can even be found on the OrangePixel youtube channel. I’m not exactly sure how long I will keep doing this series, but so far I’m having some great fun with it and it also makes the youtube channel a lot more active and useful.

A fun new update of Gunslugs 2 now adds statistics to the Daily Challenge completion screen. Showing the amount of attempts, the time of you “completion” run, and the total-time taken to complete it (all attempts combined).

For now taking a simple screenshot is the best way to use this as bragging-rights, but I’ll see if I can add something more functional (altho that’s pretty much on a platform basis and not really portable code-wise).

The update is now live on Steam, and I’ll be pushing it to ChromeOS, Ouya, Android, and iOS in the coming week.

What else would you love to see in the game?  Let me know in the comments!

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  • RandomGamer101

    Multiplayer would be a nice feature

    • There’s local co-op added to the game (requires 2 controllers connected, depending on platform).
      Connected muti-player is not something I can add without help from a good network-developer ;)

      • DawoBro1

        Very cool but you could had thousends of Downloads when the Game were free

        • downloads don’t pay my mortgage

          • As a fellow developer of mobile apps and games, I hear this all the time. “Great game/app! But should have been free.” Really? It’s great, yet worth absolutely $0 to you? ;) I really don’t like the attitude that everything should be free. I also had someone complain because my *free* game had ads.

          • I found it best to just ignore reading comments on my games as much as possible. If people have a real problem or anything, they will most likely find their way to my support mailbox

  • DawoBro1

    Multiplayer would be nice also that the Game be free on AppStore and Playstore i could help you by to become famouse.
    Thanks, for cool games OrangePixel Team.
    From: DawoBro1