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Pre-order Space Grunts

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It’s live! well, the pre-order is live. Which was, strangely, a big decision to make: basically I’m asking you to buy a game that isn’t completed yet.  Anyway, go pre-order now and get a 30% discount! – www.spacegrunts.com

The decision to go ahead with the pre-order is mostly fueled by my curiosity to see how that works out, but also to see if there is enough interest in my game to continue working on it a bit longer than I perhaps should.

My plan is to now work towards a functioning beta for Windows, Mac and Linux, so that the pre-order buyers can get their hands on the game in an early stage and play around with it, hopefully giving me some valuable feedback in the process.

This mostly means cleaning up the interface and making it user friendly.  The target date for the beta is mid-August.

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  • mataronasd

    Hello, i’m curious, are you using java with libgdx for the desktop/android/ios ? Or are you porting it seperately for some (or every) platform ? How about heroes of loot ?

    • this one is actually written on libgdx, and will be released on desktop/android and ios. Will probably do a port to HTML5 for the ChromeOS release.

      Heroes of loot only has the libgdx version for the desktop but not for android/ios.. but I’m looking to update android+ios to the libgdx version since it has some improvements.

      • mataronasd

        Awesome, keep up the good work. I have looked at your work for a while now, because you inspired me with those old-school graphics styled games. I like the feel of those games. I’m writing my own improved and simpler libgdx version for 2D right now, i’m 2 months in. I suppose libgdx seems to be efficient enough to not explode in iOS, which was my only concern.

        • yeah my iPad didn’t explode from running the last Space Grunts build on it ;) runs just like a native game, no lag issues, or other weird stuff either