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Quick look at Heroes of Loot 2

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It’s always hard showing early stuff, but I just can’t help myself, I’m that excited about the code and graphics that I’ve been pumping into the Heroes of Loot 2 project in the last few days (yeah: days, not weeks!).

The gameplay is actually slowly coming together in the prototype. With each character having their own skill set. The Elf is fast and can do range attacks, the wizard is slower but has a faster and more powerful range attack. The Warrior is very sluggish, but his melee weapon is very strong and required to bash open doors or break scenery that’s in the way.  Valkyrie’s melee weapon works about the same but does a bit less damage, but she’s faster and she can uncover nearby secrets and items.

Heroes of Loot 2 is a go!


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  • Christian Zimmer

    Looks very promising …

    • it does!
      still running into a few core-gameplay problems.. have to figure out how to play with a squad of 4 characters in a real-time action game :)

  • Guilherme Cherem Grillo

    snake movement logic or..??

    • no the 3 non-controlled characters are basically using “ghost” locations of the player.. they can’t be harmed or do anything unless you swap character, they are just rendered “behind” you.

      my latest code has them actually rendered translucent/faded out a bit so it’s even more clear who you control

      • Guilherme Cherem Grillo

        But u are not only rendering behind right?
        Because looks like they are making a trail or something..

        Oh, I purchased Meganoid 2 for my iOS(Iphone 6) and the game keeps crashing for no reason..Meganoid 1 works really good!

        • this previous video they actually received the ghost locations, but then moved from their spot to that location.. but that gives weird bugs when one character can walk faster than the other.. so changed that :)

          sad to hear about meganoid2.. will have to look into that, but it’s becoming harder and harder to keep stuff working on new iOS devices and versions :/

          • Guilherme Cherem Grillo

            I know I have no right to suggest something to you since u are an amazing developer and launch awesome games in a very short time.

            But I see you use java as your primary language and I guess this is the language you always used?

            I started to develop games for iOS and Android about 5 months ago. Before that I just coded my games for desktop using Java2D, and I love this language.

            But when it comes for mobile devices I found out that Game Maker was my best choice. Of course I dont have the same controll I would have if I code in a native language, but is so easy to export to ANY platform and I still have totaly controll of my code. I imagine if someone like you use this engine, who always coded hardcore. No one would stop you. hahahah

            This is the link of my last game, that will be released for iOS and Android in december,if you wanna check it out:


            Anyway I really admire your work and I appreciate the atention you have for the users.

            *Sorry for my english =p

          • I looked at Gamemaker a few times, but I can’t get used to the way it works.. I like diving into the code ;)

            and using LibGDX I can use Java for desktop+mobile (Android AND iOS).. so that’s a great solution. And it’s just fun porting Java to HTML5 for ChromeOS release (more of a hobby thing)

            Altho before Space Grunts I just ported my Java code to Object-c for ios.. it’s not really hard learning different languages if you know one or two.

          • Guilherme Cherem Grillo

            LibGDX works good with iOS? I thought about learning it, but I wasn’t 100% sure it was gonna work for different different platformers. People complains a lot about using libGDX for iOS.

          • from what I can tell it works perfectly.. they also use RoboVM now instead of their previous solution, which is a huge improvement

          • Guilherme Cherem Grillo

            That’s awesome. After hearing that I will definelly try to develop a mobile game with libGDX. Do you mind if I ask how do you edit your maps? I know most of your games are procedural generation, but if u need to edit a map what is the aproach with libGDX?
            Create your own tile editor or use an existent engine?
            In java2D I usually use a bufferedimage and read the pixels, but I dont know if it is the best idea.

          • I only use LibGDX as the core between my engine/code and the system.. so I use very little of libgdx itself. I think it supports tile editors like Mappy or Tiled or something.

            Haven’t designed levels for a while! In Meganoid 1 I actually drew them in Gimp first, then converted them to data by hand.. not the best solution, but what ever works works is my opinion ;)

          • Guilherme Cherem Grillo

            But meganoid has so many levels, May I ask How long that took?
            What about read the pixels on the image and convert to tiles?

            Im still at 6% on meganoid and played a lot haha

          • Didn’t take really long. I drew the “solid” area’s with rectangles and locations of enemies.. then I just coded the definition for those rectangles (x,y+w,h).

            the actual tile-graphics are generated by code, so I just defined the 1’s and 0’s for the walls

          • not that long actually, it only takes a few minutes to design a level and then a minute, maybe two, to type in the values for a level.. the hardest part was testing the levels ;)