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Gameplay and Twitch Streaming

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I uploaded a new developer video this week. This time it’s just a pure gameplay video, showing 15 minutes of some random dungeons.

Besides that I also started setting up a Twitch streaming, which was less work than I thought on my Mac. I did have to find a little fix for some sound-issues, but nothing that took hours of testing.

My plan is to start doing some streaming of HoL2 development, so anything from just play-testing, to big code changes, and pixel-art work. Right now I hope to do them at least once a week, mostly on either Thursday or Friday. So if you’re interested, follow my Twitch stream here: twitch.tv/orangepascal and you can subscribe to receive notifications of my streams (cause there will not be a set time).

I’ll also announce my streams on Twitter just in case!

Make sure to drop by in the chat when I’m live, love to chat with you guys about games and game development there!

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  • Zendrael

    Hey Pascal!
    That would be nice see you drawing your great art and getting it to work! Sounds really cool!

    • did another stream this afternoon.. streams are also available for a few weeks, and I plan to upload them to Youtube for anybody wanting to watch them later (and fast-forward the boring stuff!)