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Four minutes of gameplay

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A lot of tinkering with the prototype, and it’s starting to pay off. This is slowly looking like a playable game, and there is enough here to at least keep tinkering with it.

The above video shows roughly all the various things that are currently implemented. With stuff like the missions having taken up most of the work but they are very flexible underneath so that it should be fairly easy to add a lot of missions from here on.

There is the start of the mission system, the inventory system, there are various buildings added to the setting, walls, random monster-spawn spots, in short a lot of gameplay mechanics are up and running.

..still no game title tho


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  • Alexander Carls

    I don’t have a title for you, just some words/ideas that I think fit the theme.
    Wasteland, Badlands, Barren XYZ, the movie “Pitch Black” (Scavengers by day, monsters at night?), “sun-scorched planet” which challenged humanity and gave birth to the weirdest creatures.

    • sounds about right on the vibe I’m aiming for :)