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Creating the Meganoid trailer, and working toward release

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This is just a little teaser of the trailer I’ve been making this week. The full trailer is a little over a minute, and I’ll put it online when the game releases (cause it hopefully tickles people to go and buy the game when they see it!)

Creating the trailer I had a few problems, one is that Meganoid doesn’t come with a soundtrack. It comes with a lot of ambient sound and cool sound-effects, but no music. One reason is that I’ve been blasting through the development work, and since I want to release at the end of March (6 years after the original one, who launched in March 2011) there is just a very short window for Gavin to actually do music !

The second reason is that I couldn’t figure out the style of music, and Gavin agreed it was difficult to pin point. The game is an arcade platformer, but it’s also an exploration rogue-like game. With sound-effects helping you navigate the hazards, it’s a difficult one.

So back to the trailer.. trailers suck without music! With the game not having any music.. where do I find music for the trailer? how do I break the silence!?   Well, I finally found a nice tune in the Orangepixel archives from Groundskeeper2 that did fit the action I was putting in the trailer.

But even with the music, there was something missing. Checking some other game trailers I figured it could be interesting to have a voice over. To test it I wrote down a short script, used a voice-recorder on my phone, and did a test run.  It actually made the trailer more interesting !

Luckily I found the help of the famous “McFunkypants” (follow or contact him if you got voice work!) who did an awesome job doing the voice-over (much better than my own silly attempt).

So, the trailer is done! it’s awesome, it’s fun, and it will be live in a few weeks when the game launches.

Rest of this week I’ve been polishing the game, removing bugs, adding a few more interesting idea’s and features, and having a lot of fun trying to survive the game (spoiler: I still haven’t made it past world 2).

So, that leaves store-pages, website, and getting the business side of things set – price? launch discounts? short and quick pre-order window? still much to think about!

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  • Medusa Yuk

    Meganoid…has this really never been used before as a game title? If so, I can’t believe that the video game industry went all the way to 2011ish before someone (i.e. you) nabbed it! It just sounds like the achetypal video game name.

    Really looking forward to this! :)

    • as far as I know it has never been used as game title :)
      so I’m very happy I finally found a good way to reboot this, cause it opens the door to more Meganoid games again! ;)