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Talking about the release

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Business cap on… let’s go..

Ok, let’s talk about the release of this game people! It’s going to go smooth, be awesome, and make us rich!

.. or.. not.

So the plan for the release is fairly simple. I plan to launch on PC first, and because I love the feedback that I had during the early-access for Space Grunts and other ventures, I plan on starting with a “limited” first-access run.

What this means is that there will be a limit on the amount of players that can get their hands on the game at the start.. but wait! don’t panic! I plan to make this big enough to at least include you. I’m fairly certain a low limit like, say, 30 – 50 should be enough room for all the people who have been following the development of this game and plan to get the PC version.

That will then allow me to improve the game based on the feedback from those players, and continue adding a few more things that I still want to add to the game. This also opens up the option for those first players to join in on the discussions of new features, so there is something to gain there for you (besides a probable discount for being there early).

This also means the launch will happen through Itch.io first, since they have the tools to make this work, but don’t worry a Steam key will be included for Steam beta-access.

Why Itch.io ? Well for the simple reason that they give me some interesting tools to limit access to the game, but more importantly I get a bigger cut of the revenue for my own game/work (as compared to a platform like Steam) and I get to reach out to the players buying my game through personal email if required; something that Steam basically locks anonymously behind their own systems.

How about the mobile version!?

Don’t worry! It’s also still coming to iOS and Android!

However, with the multi-platform releases I’ve done in the past I noticed a few things. The biggest one is that I can’t be everywhere at the same time! It’s a stressful event releasing on three platforms and then having to track all the feedback that comes in from “Everywhere”.  User reviews on different app-stores, different game-forums on the bigger game sites, news-posts that get comments from players, tweets, facebook messages, emails, and all the private messages that people think I have time for at such a hectic moment.. That’s a lot of stress I try to avoid this time.

The other reason is “you”!

Well probably not “you”, but other gamers, unlike you, that somehow think a game launching on mobile is not a cool game to have on Steam, or a game launching on Android is probably less interesting to have on iOS (or the other way around). It’s a weird world we live in!

So I’ll be focussing my attention on the PC release, getting all the kinks and bugs out, adding more features and improving on existing features. At that point the game should be very stable and more full of features that the mobile version is even more awesome at launch than the PC version was!

I’m sure some people will complain about that, but don’t be a hater, I can only hope you’ll understand.

The Trailer

The last few days I’ve been working on the “launch trailer”. It’s a bit different from the normal trailers I made or used for my games, but the main thing is that I like it :p and I think it get’s the point across of what the game is about and that you should just play it asap.

Next step is redoing a bunch of the screenshots and media-images so that I can update the Orangepixel website, setup the Itch.io page, and update the Steam page with the new media images.

Then the final thing will be cleaning up some trivial things in the game like the “game over” handling and such, so that it can be fully played by end-users, and then I’ll open up the first-access for the first 30 or 50 players and we’ll see where it goes from there.





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  • mikeb

    I sense we are getting close :)

  • Walton Nuedorff

    So once this is released, got any ideas for what’s next?
    (I think now that you have learned some interesting lighting effects, another gunslugs game would be cool?”)

    • there are three ideas on my list for now, one is indeed a new Gunslugs (lighting, better sound-effects, partly-procedural generation, etc) but also on the list is Space Grunts 2 and a new game in the Heroes of Loot universe (but turn-based and slightly different so not a sequel)

      so we’ll see :)

      • Walton Nuedorff

        A turn based heroes of loot? I dunno. You tried that once before, but you made space grunts instead. (An amazing game, btw) space grunts 2 sounds pretty cool.

        • true true.. altho that one did start out as “Heroes of Space” and not Loot ;)

  • devnoe

    Can I participate to upcoming Ash World’s beta test?

    • It will be Early-access, instead of a public beta. And early-access starts next week (aiming for July 5th)

      • devnoe

        I’m indie game developer focused on mobile platforms. Right now i’m finishing my upcomming game called ACCESS CODE: HEAVEN. By the way you can check some developer logs from my twitter https://twitter.com/developernoe. I know a lot of ‘underwater rocks’ thats appears due development process and i will be very glad to participate and help if necessary.

        • your game looks interesting!
          I’ll do the early-access on PC for this one, that should kill most bugs and add a bunch of interesting feature-requests before it launches on mobile – hopefully at that point with less bugs in it ;)