Ludum Dare 23 gems

I’ve been trying out a lot of the awesome and less awesome games submitted to Ludum Dare 23’s 48 hour compo and it might be interesting to share some of those with you (since most people will not be browsing through the 1100+ games).

I limited my testing to Web only for various reasons, best reason: easy access. So here is a short list of some AWESOME stuff you really need to check out (after you completed my entry obviously!)

This list in no particular order:

Super Strict Farmer – most of the time had no idea what I was doing, but it intrigued me any way.

Backyard pirates – gameplay feels little sluggish/slow on my system, maybe that’s on purpose tho, in any case, fun shooting and great use of the tiny-world theme

Memento XII – .. pure… awesome..ness..

6 degrees of sabotage – love the look, feeling, and gameplay..

Minilization – I suck at this, but it’s well done and interesting

NiÃ�±a Nueve – love how the gameplay is learned while you go

Soul searching – it goes on.. and on.. and on.. very nice usage of the theme!

The Elves end the Shoemaker – That Fez dude was wrong.. Japanese guys can still come up with extremely entertaining weird shit.. !

Antopia – Graphics remind me of old C64 stuff, simple but well done

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