Ludum Dare 23: Predicament

Well I just finished my first ever LudumDare game. I decided on using HTML5 as the target because it’s so very easy to dive into, no compiling times, and thanks to Chrome also VERY debuggable.

The theme was “tiny world” and I decided to just create a very little spatial area like a cave where the player would live (aka the tiny world). Your mission is simple: get out of the cave using the tools available.

I might start using HTML5 more often to prototype stuff, it’s very quick to setup and get going and you can see results quickly. And porting from Javascript to Android’s Java is mostly copy+paste!

The game is very short, but who knows, I might use it to create a bigger game for mobiles in the near future cause I really enjoyed creating this.

Check out my entry here, and if you can vote, please do here!

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