Project Outlands: movement

And we have a game! sort of.. the enemies are now dropping in, moving towards you, and jumping around to get to higher ground.  It’s all pretty simple AI, but it works and causes a nice chaos (which is what I want in this game).

Still have to figure out the best format for the gameplay, right now all I had in my mind was what I had in the concept: a chaotic fast paced action shooter. That’s what I recreated now in the game code.. so now I’ll just play around with it, and see what pops up. It’s probably not the most common approach for game design, but in some cases it really works.

The first idea I’m working towards, cause this is still prototyping,  is to have the soldiers drop “life” and “ammo” items which you have to collect to stay alive and kicking. Extending on that idea would be to add things like combo-kills or mid-air-kill bonus points, etc.

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