Project Outlands: the player

I worked some more on the movement of the player, the speed of jumping, walking, etc. Pretty important to get these things right, because the rest of the game will be based on this. The height of ledges, the width of pits, the speed of your opponents, etc.

A pretty basic shooting is also implemented, I’m going for auto-shooting for now. The game is designed for mobile, and I find that a simple left/right and jump control-scheme works perfect. I used a fourth button for shooting in INC, and it works, but it wasn’t perfect. Your task will be to collect ammo tho, because no ammo, is no RATATATAT!

Speaking of Ratatat! I added the first couple of special effect stuff. So jumping, landing, shooting, exploding, all those things are now happening in the game.

Next up: adding some opponents

Screenshot from the running code:

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