Project Outlands: bigger lands

I wasn’t pleased with the current gameplay, it was missing some “awesomeness” that I wanted from the start. I’m pretty sure the limited gameplay area was one of the problems so I rewrote the world code to be able to have more content and be a lot bigger.  It’s for now based on random-generation, cause I don’t think we need a lot of platform type details in this game, just a ground to run over.

I also rewrote all the code to be able to handle some great slow motion effects and even rudimentary zooming when you get killed.

Graphics are also redone, the background is really just a recolored version of the one used in INC, but the rest is all new. Even the players and enemies are made even smaller so that it’s possible to eventually create some HUGE bosses or things.

Current state of the project:

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