Project Outlands: more and more

And another set of graphics is replaced! Yep, new backgrounds graphics all over, but pretty sure all the gameplay is still the same since last update. I did get some awesome new enemies and effects going.

A huge robot blocking your way, a grenade launching maniac, a jetpack flying weirdo, and an awesome drop-ship that now is the start point of the various enemies attacking you.

I’m slightly worried about the huge amount of special effects I added to the game, pretty sure a lot of older Android devices and iPhone’s or iPod’s will have problems running this correctly, but for now I’m going all out on it because this is the game I had in mind: pure chaotic non-stop action.  I can always strip out some stuff later or add a “low-framerate” setting.

Not pleased with the sound-effects yet, at least not all of them, so that will need some real work, and the background music is from INC , but should be the same style I got planned for this “sequel” to INC.

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