Project Outlands: shaping the world

Changes, modifications, tweaks, hmm those are basically the same words.. well, it’s what I’ve been doing on this little project.

The biggest update is probably the buildings I’ve been adding, the boosters are now placed on top of small buildings and you can go in the door and pop out at the top (or if you are lucky you can even jump onto a building from a higher ground).

I also added bigger buildings that are empty right now but will contain “stuff”.

Another visually big but code wise small improvement was the implementing of vertical scrolling. The game world now looks much bigger while it’s still only 6 tiles heigh (yes, 6 tiles, not even enough to fill the full screen!) The bottom of the world is always painted as black ground, making sure the controls are not in the way of the action in most cases.

Did I mention the world is procedurally generated? different every time you play? no? well: the world is procedurally generated!  Ground, platforms, buildings, enemies, dropships, everything is there based on randomness and a simple ruleset.

This gives me time to focus on building opponents and a sort of story line into the game, and it’s also much more fun to program world-generation as opposed to designing tile-maps in an editor.

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