Gunslugs co-op

After posting the above picture and mentioning “two player co-op” mode.. I got hit by questions about the “HOW!?”

So let’s clear this up before things go the wrong way. First, I AM adding co-op mode for two players, ever since I got the first few versions of this game running I knew this would be totally awesome with two players fighting side by side. I’ve started work on the code to have two player entities in the world, it will be a lot of stuff to figure out, but I’m determined to make it work.

Now on the “HOW!?” part, I honestly have no idea!  Right now I’m building this and testing it using Android and two Wii-motes connected over bluetooth.  I have no plans yet on doing a WiFi or Bluetooth 2-player mode, that would be awesome and might happen in some later updates, but right now I feel that would delay this game a lot and it’s not my main target.

On Android the options would be Wii-motes or possibly any other bluetooth connected controllers, and of course it would mean an awesome OUYA Console game at the launch of that thing ;)  The Wii-mote won’t be the solution for everyone (you need wii-motes and a phone that allows the bluetooth connection), but the option will be there!

Since I plan on porting the game to iOS and HTML5 (if it’s possible frame-rate wise) I want to have the multiplayer code available and working before I start porting, so that’s another reason that it will be added to the Android version.

On iOS you should be able to play it using the Joypad app, sadly just requires a lot of hardware (iPad, and two iphone’s or ipod’s). Still very doable if you get a friend over, and I know what the Joypad guys are working on, so it will be pretty cool to have Gunslugs using it!

And for iOS my target is also the iosGameDock that I actually pledged for and will have most of my games available at launch time (even bundled with the Gamedock!).  It’s one funky retro kit and again I would love to play Gunslugs on it with two controllers attached.

Finally on HTML5 it would probably be the easiest to get two players playing around, it might even be possible using a single keyboard (like the good old days) or of course using the controller software made by Brass monkey (which I ported a couple of games to already)

In the end, I’m really adding this mode to the game because I just want it !  Once the base of this is in the game engine, it will be “automatically” ported to the other platforms and with the various future console and docks coming up, it will be ready for those. And when I figure out how to do some Wifi connecting of two phones it’s also easier to have all the multiplayer stuff already worked out ;)

So hope that clears up some stuff !

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