Gunslugs new gameplay movie

Progress is going rapidly the last few days. As you can see the new title-screen is implemented including the first bunch of selectable characters.  The “push your soldier out” part that I showed in previous screenshots is probably going to be left out, because when you select a soldier I want some statistics to pop up first (name, rank, medals earned, best score, etc).

So that still needs some tweaking and updating, but it’s looking sweet!  Also notice the small speaker on the left of the plane? this will be the music on/off switch, I’ll be adding some music-note effects coming from it when music is on.

Another idea for the start screen is to have the soldiers talk some grunt-tough stuff, but incorporate the credits into that talk. Should be cool !

Now to add a lot more content to the opponents, a few more worlds, weapons, oh shit a lot of stuff to do!


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