Gunslugs vehicles and stuff

So the core of this blog is basically that screenshot up there..  That’s Sly Rocko (one of the Gunslugs) riding in “his” tank.  So yeah, vehicles are now added to the game.

Noticed how I put quotes around the his part? that’s because you don’t really get a tank, you have to take it from the original guy driving it and who is trying to kill you with it.

This is basically how the current “weapon and upgrade” system is now implemented. There is already stuff like flamethrower, electro-gun, a jetpack (!!) and now this tank. And they are all dropped by killed opponents.  So you’ll have to pick them up, use them effectively because you are not gonna keep them if your ammo runs out.  The game decides when they are dropped and I’m thinking about linking this to the character you selected. So that a specific weapon might pop up more if you have the right character.

The challenge for the Jetpack and Tank was making sure it was a fluid movement from running and jumping to controlling those two things.  The tank is basically the same as running except the jumping is stripped out (jumping will exit out of the tank).

The jetpack controls a bit different because flying and shooting is tied, so both the shoot and jump button will make you go up and dump bombs on the “world below”.

The next big tasks are adding secret worlds (character in specific level at specific time or doing specific thing opens some way to travel to a new world)

and a local co-op two player mode..  no idea yet on how to accomplish that one!

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