Outlands becomes Gunslugs

Soooo, I was planning on making Project:Outlands part of the INC universe, but I kept running into some problems caused by this. The only way Outlands could have been part of the INC universe was if it followed some of the “rules” I had set out in INC. The biggest problem was the “rule”of a story driven action game.

This was limiting me somewhat in the direction I wanted to take this game from the start. It has always been planned as a chaotic action game with randomly created levels, and adding a story to that would only slow it down and mess up the balance of things (trust me, I spend a few weeks trying this)

So, decisions have finally been made: the game will not be part of the INC universe but a stand-alone game.. and it has a name change as you can see from this blog subject:

The game would be a perfect fit for two player co-op action, but I have no clue yet on how to implement that for Android and iOS. A HTML5 version could be in it’s future cause then I would know how to create multiplayer!

The above screenshot is actually the current version of the game menu. It’s a special game-level that has the start-entrance and can possibly get a few more entrances for options and such.

Now that I figured out these changes and have a more clear direction, hopefully work on this game can pick up some speed again ;)

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