Where the Hell is it!

I’ve been getting questions from everyone asking “When is Gunslugs available!?” And the short answer is: when I’m done with it.

So first let me say: if you want to keep updated on Gunslugs stuff, make sure to like the Gunslugs facebook page, most new screenshots and other stuff get’s posted on there!

Now then, I’ve been working on the game for much longer then I did on any other game so far, and every time I play-test it I notice other things that I should tweak and perfect. This is great because it means the game is getting better and better, but it also means the release is not getting any closer.

I do have the five “original” worlds in there, and working on a few other worlds that I want to have at least drawn and partially working before I release. I know that if I wait to do those things after release, they probably won’t get done and I’ll make promisses about updates that never get made ;) So I’m drawing stuff just to have things ready to be added later.

Besides all the tweaking I’ve also been working on the unlocking of the various Gunslugs characters and code for the end-boss battles and graphics and various new monsters just to make sure people will stay entertained!

Another cool thing I’ve been doing is adding support for various controllers on the different platforms:

For Android we have support for:
* Xperia Play – still the best game-phone
* iCade – since this is a bluetooth controller it works on Android! no extra’s needed
* Wii-motes – using the WiiMoteController app, you can use two wii-motes for Co-op play
* Phonejoy BT Controllers – Thanks to the guys at Phonejoy, Gunslugs will be playable with two of these bluetooth controllers (requires free Bluez IME app)
* Gametel controller

For iOS we have support for:
* iCade – landscape mode, but still playable
* Joypad – the simple and awesome Joypad app
* iosGameDock – not released yet, but this fully funded kickstarter project will allow you to play 2 player co-op on your tv
* 60Beat controller – thanks to the guys at 60beat support for this lag-free controller is in
* Gametel controller

So a lot of work is being done, and Gavin started working on the music, so we are working towards a release.. just.. when it’s done!

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