Two player action

It’s about time people see the much talked about 2-player COOP mode .. so before I do any of my other tech-babbling, watch and enjoy:

Sooo.. that’s the 2 player mode in action. I’m very aware only a small portion of the people playing Gunslugs will actually play it in this mode, but I don’t care.. it’s so freaking cool and with some luck that whole Ouya console hits the market in a massive way and this game will be ready for it.

The game has also seen many improvements and changes (again) with the most significant one being the buildings. They are now randomly selected from a couple of options. There are the standard “room with crate(s)” types where you can shoot the crates for some ammo and medikits, but there are also a couple of more fun and interesting ones.

The game actually shows a couple of these rooms, one of those is the Arcade that we skipped because we didn’t have enough coins (and there was a bug in 2 player mode!) but basically if you have enough coins you can jump “into” the second arcade machine and play a secret level at the cost of 25 coins with the option of winning 50 coins if you beat the level without dying.

The “continue-voodoo man” room shows up when you hit the target amount of coins required to buy a continue-game doll. It will only show up once tho, so you better buy that doll if you want to keep on playing.

Right now there are about 7 different rooms in the game and I have a few more idea’s to add. It should keep the game very light and fun popping into these houses and run into pink princesses, white wizards, voodoo men, and other stuff.

Finally, continuing on the last blog, more and more people are starting to ask “where is Gunslugs?”. It’s indeed taking a long time, I’ve been working on it for months and the game is really playable and already my best game ever.  However there are still many things I need to create and add to this game before release, and every test session I have I notice things that could be just a bit better.. this game might just be the game that never get’s done completely, but I will get it ready for everybody to play!

There are also a few “businessy” reasons why this game is still not getting released but that’s all stuff I can’t get into right now.

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