Ending THE project

Finally, as in a huge FINALLY, I managed to wrap up work on Gunslugs. The project that has been taking by far the longest time to complete in all my 8 years of developing mobile games.

If you ask my why this one took so long, I can honestly not explain. As you can read in the first posts about Gunslugs, known back then as Project:outlands, I had a clear idea of putting a lot of chaos and over the top action onto the screen. That one clear concept I had in mind grew out to something much bigger, and exceeded the “weekend project” title by about 8 months of working on it.  But it’s done! and whats even more amazing is that it IS the over the top, controlled chaos, awesome action game that I wanted to create.

The big problem of Gunslugs development was the fact that I never was “done” with it. Every time I tested the game I noticed things that I could do different or better. Add more explosions, more shaking, new ideas for the secret rooms and content, and much more.

So, the game is done. It will be available within the week on at least the mobile platforms, and people will finally get to play it. Every game release is a nerve wrecking event, both business wise and creative wise, but this one might just be a bit more nerve wrecking as usual. This feels like the most perfect game I could and wanted to create, and now I’m done with it… and I can only hope others will enjoy it!

Luckily, I can now find some time to start on the next most perfect game.. so there’s that!

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