A lot of delay on this project as I was busy with some more Gunslugs tinkering and working on a big update for that game (it even got a feature on Google Play frontpage this week!).

Basically the movement for the dungeon prototype is settled on a stick-control and a fire button with the character auto-aiming for the nearest/most dangerous target.  This will need some tweaking to make sure the character targets the most important enemy and locks on to that enemy, but we’ll fix all that once we start adding various enemy types.

I did run into an annoying bug which caused me to slow down development on the actual game until it got fixed.  The player kept targeting enemies behind walls, and it drove me crazy finding the fix which, in the end, was just a single line of code .. arghhh!

So back on track I decided to do some more graphics, changing the main character a bit and adding two other “classes”.  The screenshot is just a mockup, but I do plan on adding multiplayer mode (especially with the Ouya, Gamestick and such consoles in mind).

Next up is adding some of the gameplay elements and see if it all works,  food to gain health, different enemy types, exit points (to navigate to the next procedurally created dungeon) and more fun stuff!


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