I’ve been improving the lightning, it’s still pretty basic and simplistic, but it fits the style and it runs fast because of it. I worked on making it more realistic, so that it wouldn’t move around corners, but it really crippled the gameplay with so many narrow corridors. So unrealistic but functional is the key.

Besides the lightning I’ve been doing a whole lot of little things, as you can see the dungeon-exit is now a proper door requiring you to find a key. This is the most basic form, but I’m thinking that this can also be replaced with “random quests” to find X amount of X items, etc.

Finally, in the video above you can also see there are now a few different types of monsters, and if you can bare watching until the final few minutes you can see two of the other classes – right now it just randomly picks a class but you’ll be able to pick one from the start… maybe ;)

Your weapon power and reach will increase as you level up. With each class having it’s own weapon style. The differences are in speed of throwing/shooting, strength of your projectile, and reach.

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