Dungeon control part 2


The quest of creating my “gauntlet inspired” Dungeon game continues (see what I did there? planting marketing seeds!)

I’ve been toying with various control schemes, and actually found myself using a dual-stick approach.. which is something I HATE in mobile games.  It works great with physical controllers but on a small display it really, really, REALLY doesn’t.

So I cried out for some help and idea’s on twitter and got a great little tip:

The Judge Dredd game basically replaces the second stick with an auto-aim solution. So you tap the shoot button and the guy auto locks to the closest enemy or shoots in the direction you are running.

And that brings us to the second public test of my Dungeon prototype!  I personally like how this plays, I still have to tweak and improve the aim-lock but it plays pretty good so far.

Basically I need to get these controls set in stone before I continue designing the game around it. Knowing the limitations, or possibilities, of the controls is key when you start creating the intelligence of the monsters and all the stuff like energy, upgrades, etc.

So give the new prototype a try on your Android device and let me know in the comments or on twitter: @orangepascal

Prototype instructions:  Touch anywhere on screen to get the movement controller, use the bottom right for shooting, and press in the top-right corner to reload a new random dungeon (invisible button area)

Dungeon prototype APK

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