Shining a light on it

More tinkering with the “Dungeon prototype” and this time including a little video (see up there). I’ve been changing the graphics slightly and adding more items to the gameplay to slowly evolve it into an actual fun game (I hope). The idea is to have a pretty fast paced rogue-like for two reasons: I never play rogue-likes, and I like fast arcade games !

I’ve also been working on the light-engine, which is very crude right now and requires some smoothing to make it look better on bigger screens. For now it does work and it adds a little extra to the looks of the game so I’ll put some more time into making a slightly smoother looking light-engine.

I decided to stop spreading prototype’s mostly because many people don’t understand how prototyping works and gave me all sorts of comments and pointers to things that don’t matter at this early stage of prototyping !  So from now on, enjoy some screenshots and video’s left and right and wait for some more public beta testing or even release versions ;)

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