Dancing with monsters

In between all the other stuff I’m working on, I found some time to continue on the “Dungeon  prototype”. I’ve had some problems with how the monsters worked, and found it limiting the gameplay a lot.

They would spawn from “spawn spots”, attack you, you destroy the hot-spots, and they wouldn’t spawn anymore. That was basically a 1-on-1 copy of how the original Gauntlet did it… kinda boring to be honest.

After trying out some changes in how the spawn spots worked and the speed of spawning and movements, I decided to get rid of the spawn spots and make the monster spawn continuously all around you! In theory that sounded like a lot of fun, and in practice it turned out pretty action packed ;)

It makes for a more interacting and interesting gameplay on which I can build stuff. I also added some new monster types and a big hammer-smashing Cyclops which worked out pretty cool.

My next goal is to actually add some..uhm.. goals to the game. Right now you just find a key, exit thru a door, and repeat. The idea of quests is still in my head, I just have to figure out how to implement them in the best possible way.  I could tie these quests to simple things like “find X amount of Y items”  or “find X within Y minutes”.  This way it’s possible to add many, many quests to the game.  Completing these quests could open up new area’s, and shape the game!

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