Infinite Dungeons

Screenshot_2013-03-22-11-03-23Take a look at that nice new title screen..  I’ve been hunting for names and altho this isn’t as catchy as some other names I came up with, or other people came up with, I think it describes the game and for now it kinda sticks nicely on that title screen.

It also feels like I’ve made a LOT of progress on the game, adding more enemies, graphics, effects, sounds. Cleaning up the gameplay and game progress and a host of other small changes.

My plan is to complete a first, playable, version of this game before March ends, as this will be my OneGameAMonth game for March. The goal behind the #1GAM challenge is to actually complete a game, and to do this it actually helps to keep the scope of the games smaller and more to the point.

I’ve been all over the place with this dungeon prototype, not exactly knowing where to move it to, and this is usually a good reason for me to dump the project and move on to something else.  So big thanks to #1GAM cause that means this game will be at least playable in some form next week.

Right now my two options for a release are either as HTML5 game or Java Desktop game. Both options are pretty cool to try out, and luckily I can do them in a day so I don’t have to decide yet!

After the release I’ll just take all the feedback from you guys and see if I can improve the game for a proper mobile release on phones, tablets and Android consoles.

Now for some extra eye candy –




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