Special sauce

1980-01-06_01-07-53I’ve been busy with a lot of different things, so the Dungeon prototype (really need to find a name for this) hasn’t had much attention.

I do have some extra incentive now, since the OneGameAMonth jam has as optional theme “Rogue” for it’s March entry. So that would mean I have to turn this prototype in a fully playable game before the month ends. Pretty big challenge, and I’ll be sure to have a backup plan, but for now that’s my aim.  It might not be a fully commercially released mobile version, but most likely an HTML5 playable version, which should be an interesting test case to get some feedback.  So keep an eye on my #1GAM profile for my 3rd game

Mean while I’ve been adding some “Special sauce” to the game in the shape of special effects, graphical tricks and more. I’ve also added a second dungeon style wall graphic set and a blood! 1980-01-06_01-04-38

I cleaned up the dungeon item placement code a bit, making sure things like exit doors are placed in the most favorited location. Most of the stuff I’ve added are graphical so not really showing up in these screenshots, but trust me: they look awesome!1980-01-06_01-08-26

So the challenge is set: complete this game in a fully playable form on some platform and have it done before March ends!

Side note: I’ve also been tinkering with LibGDX and porting my code over to the library for the sole purpose of having Windows,Mac and Linux versions of my game. Right now I have both Meganoid2 and Gunslugs running as standalone games on my Mac, and I’m pretty sure Dungeon Prototype will get the same treatment when it’s done !




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