Simple answer

Okay just a very short and quick post to answer the most asked question of the last few weeks: “When is Heroes of Loot coming?!”

Answer: When it’s done!

Basically I could have released Heroes of Loot last month, the game is playable, and it’s fun!  But it’s not “done”. I actually made some big changes just last week that slightly change the pace of the whole game but enhance the gameplay and made it better and close to what I’m aiming for.  I still have way too many idea’s! I could also put them in an update, but I rather have the game release with as many of the things I have written or scribbled down and make sure they don’t end up as a side-note in a small update.

So yeah it’s coming, I really hope in July/August (also need at least a week to port it to iOS as it only runs on Android right now) but if I have more stuff to add, I will.  It’s not a “feature-creep” it’s just trying to get it as close to the original concept I had in my mind, and it’s close.. very close.. !

I love the quote from Mr Miyamoto:  “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad”

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