Time for something new

So, this blog has been mostly about my quest to complete Heroes of Loot, and after months and months I’ve finally managed to do just that.  Heroes of Loot will be released on September 12th 2013, on Android, iOS and if all goes to plan also on Ouya.  With a release on PS Vita later on.

And that brings us to starting something new! My aim is to create something that doesn’t take 8+ months to develop, both Gunslugs and Heroes of Loot took that long but they also needed a lot of core-tech to be created.

I’m now in a position that I can reuse that core-tech for new games, so after doing various concepts and prototypes I ended up with what I call “Groundskeeper 2” for now.

Last year I participated in a mini Ludum Dare challenge and created a small game called Groundskeeper, and I also did a post-compo version for Android adding various gameplay elements. Check out the Android and HTML5 versions here.

For Groundskeeper2 I started using the Gunslugs tech as base, and building the game from there.

I’ve got ideas sketched out for about 4 of the worlds, and two of those are already in the game right now. With possibly adding some extra secret worlds that you can unlock at various points in the game.

I do plan on keeping the development short, hopefully having the game finished near the end of October, but we’ll see how that goes ;)


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