After the release


First: this is NOT a post-mortem of Heroes of Loot. I’ll write that when the game is actually dead and give some stats and such, cause I know people like to read about it!

As you might have read, Heroes of Loot finally saw it’s release on September 12th. It was a long ride getting there but the release was so damn awesome that it was well worth the nerves I had in the weeks prior.

Basically since the release I’ve been doing Heroes of Loot things on a daily basis. I’ve pushed various updates since, fixing bugs left and right on all the different platforms (the biggest downside of releasing on ~5 platforms at once). Been stalking various forums for feedback and making sure my inbox was still manageable.

I added the first couple of big things to Heroes of Loot already, the first was adding “perma-items” that many people requested. I still have a few other idea’s for these, but the first items are actually interesting to collect because they will improve your game in the long run (trying not to spoil the secret of the perma-items).

The other big update was adding the Barbarian class. It’s not a huge difference from the Warrior, but there are some subtle differences non the less. (This update is still waiting approval for the iOS version, but is already live on Android and Ouya).

I have one more bigger updated bouncing around my head, and it’s about a “daily quest”. Where a random quest is generated every day, it should be harder to achieve then the normal quests obviously, and it should give an interesting reward..  that’s the thing I haven’t figured out exactly yet keeping this update still on the “hopefully it get’s done” list!

Once all those updates are done and working, I’ll get them up and running in the PC, Mac version and we’ll be looking at getting this game onto the PS Vita !

I’ve also been working with on “something”.. so let’s see how that turns out ;)

So basically I’m still in Heroes of Loot mode, and have done very little work on other games like the Groundskeeper2 “prototype” or even new game ideas.  I did draw that cool logo you see at the top of this article.. I have a bunch of ideas for a space/sci-fi game running on the Heroes of Loot engine.  Think less lights, surprise alien attacks, and a bit of a scary vibe…  how cool would that be ;)


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