Heroes of Loot Figurines!!!!!

Heroes of LOOT - The ChestI’ve been busy doing a lot of interesting stuff that I can’t really talk about yet, because it’s all businessy things that will happen in the following months (year). Trust me, it’s all pretty exciting !

One of the cool stuff that I put some time in, was working with my fellow Dutch peeps at Gametoys.co to create these Heroes of Loot collectibles.  For me personally they are just the most awesome thing ever.. seeing my pixelated little chaps in physical form on my desk (I’m staring at the Wizard next to me macbook right now) it’s really freaking cool.

These little chaps are now also available for any die-hard fans of the game. We tried to keep them as cheap as possible, we are not getting rich from the sales, and if we could make them even cheaper we would.. It mostly depends on the process of creation and the resources required to create each character.  Since it’s not mass-fabrication it’s a bit more expensive then we would have liked them to be, but that will also make them more rare to own! ;)

If it’s in anyway a mild success I’m aiming to get a few more characters created (the Gunslugs are already at the top of my personal list).

If you like to check them out, visit my friends at Gametoys.co



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