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Exciting weeks!  I never expected to be this active with Gunslugs again, a year after the original release, but here we are.. Gunslugs is about to hit the PS Vita and will be the first Orangepixel game to land on a Sony console.

Write it down: 18th/19th february 2014 !  (us/eu psn store)

The game wasn’t ported to the PSVita by me tho, I get that question a lot, it was done by the guys at Abstraction Games, who also did the Hotline Miami port and a few other great games.

I managed to get in contact with them thanks to the help of Sony Vita evangelist Shāhid Ahmad by simply sending him a twitter message with a link to Gunslugs and requesting help getting it to run on Vita.

In theory I could have done the port myself, I am now even a licensed Sony developer, but I choose not to because I already do a lot of managing on different versions of the game myself (ios,android,ouya,html5,gamestick,various region specific tablets, etc) and it would mean having to take out one or two months to learn the Vita system and then at least a few game releases before it’s all streamlined and perfect.

Last year I set as “challenge” to get my games on big-boy consoles (not counting Ouya and Gamestick as big-boys yet) so my only goal was to see a game of mine run on either a Sony or Nintendo console (sorry, I’m not a big fan of the xbox).  Partnering up with Abstraction games is really a win-win for both parties, and we have plans to do a few more games and a few more consoles ;)

So my challenge is completed! next week you’ll be able to play an Orangepixel game on your Sony handheld, and it plays brilliant. It’s probably the best way to play Gunslugs with the hardware buttons, and a small handheld screen in your hands.  Even the music sounds better in the Vita version, so make sure to keep that on while playing.


Gunslugs is also being featured on the Ouya frontpage, and if you prefer a two-player coop mode, then the Ouya version is still the best for that, it’s easy to just dive in with two players and have a blast.

I have a few other things planned for Gunslugs later this year, including one or two other platforms it will hit..  and the worst thing? I have some ideas for a Gunslugs2  but no time to work on it yet!!

okay, back to work on Groundskeeper2.. !

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