Month of stuff


Woohoo! It’s February and lots of cool stuff is happening!

I’ve been working very hard on Groundskeeper2, and I actually managed to change the gameplay drastically a couple of times.  The problem I was having with the game was that it started to look a LOT like a new Gunslugs game. Which isn’t a bad thing but I rather save that for an actual Gunslugs follow up that I hope to make in the future.

So I was having a fun action game that, in 2012, I would have probably released as-is.. but right now I just didn’t feel like it was good enough or the game I originally set out to create.

I ended up stripping a lot of the gameplay stuff and taking the game back to it’s roots: Groundskeeper 1, which is actually an arena-shooter and not a run’n’gun platformer. These major tweaks did fix various problems I had with the game, and put it all back on track to become one awesome arena-shooter.

To keep some form of progression into it, you get to unlock a large collection of weapons, worlds, find some bonus worlds and more. So right now I just have to create a shitload of content and actually do a lot of testing to make sure everything is unlockable and playable.

Also the official site is online now, so go check it out with some awesome art from Scott Tykoski:


Which brings us to the second awesome thing for February: Gunslugs Vita is launching!  In a freak accident it actually launched very briefly last week due to someone pushing a “publish now” button a few weeks early.  It caused chaos and madness, which sure fits the game!  It’s pulled again for now, and will be back at the end of February, and it’s well worth the wait, and cheap! ;)

I plan to release Gunslugs on a few other platforms after this, so stay tuned for some info on that once the Vita version is live and running!

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