No more Bullets

icon512x512 I decided to take a short break from Groundskeeper2, which should give me a fresh perspective as I enter the final wrapping up of that game.

As it happened this week sees the Procedural Death Jam, which is a great jam cause most of my games fall into that category.

I was already toying around with something so I decided to put some time into that this week and see what rolls out, Groundskeeper originally started as a jam game, so who knows!

I’m doing this game in HTML5 because I find it extremely fun to work in, and it’s very fast to do prototyping or game-jam sessions.  I also cheated a bit as I grabbed some of the basis of Heroes of Loot (yes, I have that running in HTML5) and I changed things up a bit.

The game is called “No more Bullets” ..and yes, that’s exactly what it means. You run around a “maze” and you have no more bullets.. but monsters are everywhere. Avoid them, rush by them, lure them, do anything you can to avoid contact with them, and reach the exit.

What’s even cooler, you can play this game right now! I plan to work some more on it during this week, so drop any idea’s you have either in the comments or tweet them with #nomorebullets and I’ll see if I can incorporate them.

Now go have some fun and play the game in your browser with either the keyboard or a hooked up Bluetooth controller:

Play No more Bullets





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