Gunslugs 2 – it’s on…

There you have it, the new game I hope to create and complete is Gunslugs 2. Ideas for the game have been brewing since Groundskeeper 2 early development. I was adding stuff to GK2 and couldn’t help but think “this would be awesome for Gunslugs”.

I don’t have all the ideas ready yet, but as you can see in the early prototype movie up there, I plan to add bigger and more interesting inside-area’s to the game. Basically the top-world is only there to act as doorways to the actual levels.. a chaotic doorway, but still just the entry point to the actual game.

Since it’s a sequel to an existing game, it’s gonna be a fine line between adding new stuff and staying true to what made the original populair.  At the core, Gunslugs was always about that heroic feeling and lots of big destruction, so that’s something I hope to recreate even in the inside-levels. Large area’s with stuff crumbling, breaking, exploding and causing chaos all over your screen.

…so let the fun begin :) Gunslugs 2 is hopefully coming this year!

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