Organic development

Almost two weeks since the last video, and as you can see I’ve been busy on Gunslugs 2. Right now I’m basically adding a lot of crazy ideas and bringing back stuff from the original Gunslugs improving it where needed.

I like to call this “organic development”. The rough outlines of what this game should be are clear (especially since it’s a sequel) but to best create a full experience it’s a lot easier to have all the various obstacles, graphics, items, enemies, etc, etc all available.

That way I can get a clearer idea of what should go where and when the player will be ready for it challenge-wise.

So the movie up there really shows a mixture of all the stuff that’s currently added, and most likely some of those things won’t show up on your first or even second run of the game.

I still have a bunch of idea’s sketched out and written down, so for the coming weeks I’ll probably be doing more monster creating and drawing some of the other world graphics.

Once all that is done I’ll start working on balancing the gameplay: how much damage should the player take? at which point is it safe to put in the bigger baddies so the player doesn’t get overwhelmed on their first few games? how many different monsters can we throw at the player while still keeping the next few levels/worlds fresh and interesting?

I personally don’t think you can plan stuff like that, because you only know how it all works and plays, once it’s actually in the game.

So.. next: adding some flame-throwers and maybe an even bigger mech-enemy!

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