Searching for the next thing

So, what have you been up to!?  me?  I’ve been looking for a new game idea mostly! I haven’t been inactive while searching tho. I finally managed to fully update the Orangepixel website, so that all games (10 years of games making!) are now on there, nicely ordered into categories per platform, and everything now runs neatly from a manageable WordPress instead of various old php scripts I wrote over 5 years ago.

I even added some nice community “twitter” like area where, in theory, people can register and interact.. which isn’t really happening. People are registering, just not interacting! I might decide to remove it if it stays like that, but we’ll see for now.


Besides that I’ve been diving into Chrome OS stuff!  I really love that whole environment. You can seriously create some awesome games in short development time using HTML5, and then run them as standalone, fullscreen, controller-supported, games!  It’s really perfect, works smoothly, and I think and hope it has a future as a platform.

So Groundskeeper2 and Gunslugs are now up there on Chrome OS and you can just “try before you buy” and see how it runs.  Heroes of Loot is 99.999% done, just need to do some final testing and will then release it on there also.  Groundskeeper2 is currently being featured on the front-page, and Gunslugs is very likely following that soon thanks to some new contact I finally found at Google.

Basically Chrome Apps are stand-alone desktop versions of the game. Instead of having to install EXE’s on Windows or download game files on Mac, you just download them into Chrome and run them using the Chrome app launcher.  Also great for Chromebook users who are in need of some great indie games ;)


But there’s a lot more I did!  I actually created a new game during last weekend’s Ludum-Dare contest and you can play it on the web, or also download it from the Chrome webstore. Check out the LD page for the game.  You play a boy who has a Hellworm as friend. And when the world is being attacked, you and your Hellworm have a unique way to take care of the problem!

I already got a bunch of requests from people to turn this into a full game, and I actually have some ideas that could work. So who knows, this might be the first playable of a new game ;)


Finally I’ve been all over the place with my current games and contacts just doing random stuff. I wrote a blog over at the Ouya site, and it comes with a nice “playlist” of games I think you should play on your Ouya.

I’ve been talking to some app-stores concerning Groundskeeper2 and hopefully getting that a bit more downloads, cause it didn’t do as great as I was hoping. But the ratings have been awesome so far, mostly 9/10 or 4/5 ratings from both press and gamers, so I know the game is great and people are enjoying it.. just wish it had more downloads!  To put it in perspective, right now I’m still getting more downloads/sales on Heroes of Loot then I do on Groundskeeper2 ;)

So in between all that stuff, I’m still looking for the new game to work on. I did a bunch of tests with procedural level-design code and funky graphics, but nothing really sticks to the wall yet..

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