The Wild wild West

Some productive days since last update. I started work on one of the other worlds for Gunslugs 2 called “Wild Wild West”, adding a train in the background which actually moves. I still hope to add a bit more to it, like enemies jumping from the train onto the playing area, but since the train is in the background I have to figure out how to graphically make that look good.


The Wild Wild West also comes with some steam-punkish enemies, guess where the inspiration comes from, including a big spider-jumpy-thing and a tank. The tank can be controlled once you shoot the original owner out of the seats (much like the first Gunslugs’ tanks).

The vehicle controlling is done much better than in Gunslugs 1, it allows me to pretty quickly make anything controllable by the player(s), where the previous game had a bit of a hacky solution for that.


Besides these additions I’ve also been adding flame-thrower and laser obstacles for inside the tower-levels, I can really make those levels a monster challenge in the later worlds with all these things aiming to kill you.


Doing a simple play-through is already proving a much longer and interesting experience than the original Gunslugs levels. The tower-area’s really add a lot and almost make it feel like a different game,  I can’t wait to have it a bit more playable and play a 2 player co-op mode on any of the Android consoles.

Right now I could probably stick to one “top level” per world, add an end-boss level for that world, and maybe add one or two different things for some of the worlds (like the wild-wild-west could have another level which is just a train ride like the bonus stage in Gunslugs 1).

I still have to figure out / sort out the design on how all the progress works. Since I get a lot of requests from people to make the characters play different, it’s something I really want to aim for (I can see B.A. move slower for example, but also capable of picking up heavier weapons than Johnny Rumble).  In that case it becomes more interesting to find and unlock those characters as I can generate the levels depending on which character your play as.

Long way to go, but the game is becoming one of my biggest yet content wise and I really enjoy being back developing a world around the Gunslugs

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