Choo choo!

Sometimes game development is just awesome cause you get a great idea, try to implement it, and it comes out even better than you had hoped.

This week I added the “train ride” level to the game, and I’m extremely pleased with how it ended up. Basically this will be the second level in the Wild Wild West area, but while you ride the train it moves into the next area : The Wastelands.

With the original Gunslugs I tried adding these big AAA-game style events and set pieces to the game, but it really ended up with only the slow-motions, the big explosions and the take-downs.  With Gunslugs 2 I’m pushing to really put in those same type of moments that I enjoy in AAA-games, but with a retro touch to them.

The train ride is a perfect example of this, I still have to work a bit on the transition from level to train back to level, but you can see where I’m taking it in the above movie. I’ll try to come up with a few more of these kind of things cause it really makes Gunslugs 2 move towards the game I wanted to create with the first one: a small “retro indie-AAA-styled game” .. first of it’s kind?

I added a lot more things in the game since last video, but I cut the level short for this movie, so many different enemies, obstacles, etc are added and I’m not done yet!

Right now the Wild wild west area is mostly finished, I might add another “tutorial” like area before it, but it’s fairly early in the game since it’s not a very difficult area. The wasteland will now have my main focus in the coming days and I have to figure out a way to take the player from the Wastelands to the “the docks” area that I originally started out with..  I’m thinking maybe a boat with a lot of thunder and stormy sea’s might be interesting?

I also have to figure out placing some big bosses, and right now I’m aiming to not have them at the end of each world, but just jump out at more varied places (again like in AAA shooters, where you can run into big monsters that even make a re-appearance later on in the game).

Now my main challenge is not putting too much time into playing Mario Kart 8 on Wii-U, and I should have new stuff to show in a week or so ;)

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