Gunslugs 2 big progress

Just noticed how long it has been since my last update on Gunslugs2 !  I do have a good excuse tho, few weeks of vacation, some side projects and basically it’s summer! so I work less :p

But, that doesn’t mean Gunslugs 2 work slowed down to a halt, far from it, look at the above video showing a lot of new content and let me walk you through it.

A bunch of new game area’s are now added. The jungle, The himalaya, changes to the Wasteland and Wild wild west, and of course the original “the docks” is also still in the game.


The jungle comes with some nice rain effects, the further in the game the harder it rains. I’ve also started adding bigger scenery pieces like the huge statues. The one in the jungle is especially cool cause you actually walk underneath it’s right arm, and on top of his left hand.. it’s in the details!

Further more I started adding a few extra weapons like the rocket launcher, double-gun, flamethrower, grenades, really just the stuff that was also in the original Gunslugs but updated and improved. Most of the weapons still need some tweaking, right now they do about the same amount of damage.

A bunch of new enemies and obstacles also shows up in the above video, like the cool lasers in the jungle buildings, or the mech-ball thingies in the himalaya.

The character unlocking is also in there for some testing, I think I’ve seen this mechanic in Broforce and was very much in love with it. Rescue a character, and then you play as that character with your energy refilled. It’s a cool life system, so I might keep it.. we’ll see!

Next phase is glueing all the content together. I’m thinking about giving the player missions which you have to complete in order to unlock the next mission, the next world, the next character, etc.  So it will be a slightly different mission setup as the original Gunslugs had, but it will also give players a better feeling of progression in the game (I hope).

My aim is to have the game completed this year, the August/September deadline won’t be made, cause there is simply a lot of stuff I have to add to the game and I don’t plan on rushing this one as it’s really becoming something special and huge !



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