Gunslugs 2 demo now available

gs2demo_gunchickIt’s here!

A playable demo of Gunslugs 2 for PC,Mac and Linux:

There are still some rough edges in the game, but it should give a great indication on what the game will eventually be.  The demo takes you through the opening scene, first world, end boss and includes the train crash, so it’s a nice little slice of Gunslugs 2 action.

The game requires Java to run (so if you’re on windows8, you have to download that cause it’s not pre-installed). It has some controller support, sadly not all controller/os combinations work, but it’s also very playable with the keyboard.

I also created a few promo trailers that will be posted on social media and forums in the next few days/hours, so look out for those!  Here’s the first one:




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