Gunslugs 2 update 1.2.0


I’m not done with Gunslugs 2 just yet! Today I released the first big update onto Steam, and the same update will come to all other platforms in the coming days (weeks, depending on Apple’s approvals speed).

This first update is a pretty cool:

Daily challenges are here!

You’ll find a new door in the game hub and it’s will supply you with a challenging level every day! You have one life, one level, and one day to complete it. Everybody gets the same level, so see if you can beat your friends !

The Daily challenges also come with new achievements for 1, 5, 10 and 30 challenge completions, so make sure to beat the Daily challenges every day to unlock those!

Full change list:

  • added Daily-challenge (beta, no achievements yet)
  • arcade mode now unlocks when you reach world 3
  • added Arcade-mode unlock achievement
  • added bunch of new achievements for daily challenges
  • player restarts closer to arcade/daily challenge doors
  • statusbar now flashes when health is improved (in vehicles for example)
  • fixed “game over” screen in arcade mode
  • fixed: made wall turrets world 7 bit easier (in story mode)
  • fixed: show message when touching locked arcade door



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