Taking turns, finding names

I’m a few weeks into working on this whole turn-based “thing” and I start to really enjoy the current build. I’m still not exactly sure how the end result will play or feel, since I’m just winging it when it comes to defining the rules and game world of a turn-based game.

The challenge of doing a type of game that I never play or even thought about making, is actually a lot of fun. I’m writing a lot of new code to handle things that don’t come up in my usual real-time-action games. Mostly having to do with how enemies interact with the player, and how weapons interact with enemies, etc.

In case you missed it, I have been documenting parts of the development in a simple screen-recording video series which you can find here. Not all of the code and changes are in there, but I’ve gotten great feedback on what’s there, so I’ll try to continue doing them while I work on the game.

I also recorded a preview of how the current build plays, this is slightly further in development as the tutorial video’s so it actually looks different, but it’s the same game:

Now, I’m pretty sure that the game will NOT be called “Heroes of Loot 2”. The difference between the fast paced action of HoL is just too different from the turn-based action in this one. I don’t want people to expect the same type of game in anyway.

So I’m looking for a new name.. something I’m really bad at, but I’ll have to come up with something soon, cause it makes talking, promoting, showing, the game a lot easier without messing up people’s expectations of what this game will be.

My attempt is still to create a sort of cross between turn-based and action shooter. I want the game to be easy to get into and not throw a lot of data and stats at you, I’m just not a fan of such games and I don’t like to create a game that I personally won’t ever play.

I’m on the right track, I think, and I managed to keep the controls fairly simple even for playing on mobile or with a controller (ouya/firetv/androidtv).

Another new development thing for me, has been the using of LibGDX for the main development. So the current build runs on both desktop and android, altho I’ll probably still convert it to my own Android framework before I release, it’s still a lot easier to test the various input setups.

So if you have an idea for a name, let me know in the comments!

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