Working down the ToDo list

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A few weeks ago I mentioned about the pressure I had with so much stuff on my to-do list, and I’m happy to say I’ve been able to do a lot of stuff and cleaning that list down to a manageable short list.

Once I wrote down all the stuff I had on an actual list, and sorted it to what I thought was most important and do-able down to the harder stuff, it was just a matter of taking one task at a time and slowly work my way down.

What this means is some pretty cool stuff. First of all, a Gunslugs 2 update is coming to Steam. It fixes some issues (controller bugs, level bugs) and adds visible leaderboards to the Arcade mode and Daily challenges amongst a host of other smaller fixes.  It also comes with Steam trading cards and badges, and it will get a small discount which should give it some extra and new exposure on the Steam frontpage.

I’ve also jumped into the Heroes of Loot version for Steam. Adding proper twin-stick action to it, as well as mouse-aiming for those playing with keyboard+mouse setup. You can still play the old way using auto-targeting, but the twin-stick and mouse-aim options are pretty awesome for the die-hard gamers!  I’ll also do the trading-card things and such, so that Heroes of Loot get’s the best Steam release possible, so stay tuned for that one!


Moving down the list, I managed to update a couple of games for AndroidTV release, so Gunslugs 1 and Groundskeeper 2 are now also available on there, and Gunslugs 1 even got a nice front-page feature from my friends at Google (also fun to see Heroes of Loot, Gunslugs 2 and Meganoid 2 are still pretty much front-page.. guess not many people are diving onto AndroidTV support yet).

Further more I updated Meganoid 2 on Ouya (with thanks from the Ouya people) for a cool new Chinese console from Xiaomi, which uses the Ouya platform for games, which means that with some luck it will be my first official Chinese release and I hope to get a few more games on that one.  The thing with China is that usually all these companies will require translations, and my games are simply not setup to do that (all text is pixelated and hard-coded.. which I should change some day).  This, however, never stopped Chinese “pirated” copies to get 500.000 downloads per game.. so at least I know there is market there for my games!

Which brings me back to Space Grunts! and a host of new stuff I’ve been adding and tweaking. I’m still searching for that correct graphical style/look and feel for the game. So I tried various “light systems”, various types of graphics from dark and metallic, to bright and more colorful.. still not sure if I finally found the right look, but the current one is pretty good so far (see screenshot).

Originally I started the graphical look with bright colored graphics, and I’m back in that mind-set, so maybe all that dark-stuff was just my mood dictating the look of my graphics, and I’m now back at that 70’s sci-fi look.

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