Animated gifs

Forgive the silly title, but I really just have some animated gifs to share! In between all the Steam releases I’m doing, giving support on a special version of Gunslugs 2 (more on that in a few weeks!) and doing business thingies, I’ve been playing a lot of Space Grunts, tweaking the game constantly.

I made a couple gif’s showing some of the stuff in the current Space Grunts build:


I’ve been tinkering with the particle effects, trying to not make it overkill while still being pretty heavy on the flying gibs, blood, debri and smoke. The cool thing about turn-based is that you are much more aware of stuff happening due to the slower nature of the gameplay. Or at least I am!


I’m still constantly tweaking the interface and how various information is shown to the player. I’m not really pleased with these info boxes yet, but it’s better than the “japanese rpg avatar chat boxes” I had before. That just didn’t fit with the setting/style of the rest of the game.  In the meantime I’ve been adding more and more items and rare finds to the game, so that it really plays as a proper rogue-like. You never know what you’re gonna get!


My first attempt at adding a bigger enemy is the “alien like” monster which will shoot a bunch of rockets at you and throws out a big roar when you encounter one. Very much mimicked after the big monsters in the original Doom game. I still feel like there should be many more enemies in there, so that’s what I’ll be creating in the coming weeks.

Currently my runs often end in level 8.. which is in the laboratories zone, with at least one more zone already added, and I might add another one.  The target of the game will be in rogue tradition: reach level X and find item or kill enemy. At which point you win the game.  With the highly random nature of the game it should be interesting on replays, and I hope to add some nice twists left and right to maybe access secret zone’s not in the normal game.


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