Pay what you want for Groundskeeper 2


Just to have a little distraction I put some time and love into Groundskeeper 2 for PC, since it was still running “unwrapped” so that meant you had to install Java to play it. No more I say!

Of course the game still runs in Java, but it’s now nicely wrapped just like my other games. I also gave the game the updated controller-support code, and improved the resolution and volume settings menu.

For me the game is still a bit of a mixed feeling deal, I sometimes feel the game is too short, but when I start playing it again, I really love what it became. There are some nice and very subtle gameplay elements in the game which, sadly, many people probably won’t ever notice.

I will revisit the world of Groundskeeper, I think there’s a lot more that I can do with it, but for now this game is Pay what you want, and you should be picking it up and enjoy it!

Grab your copy here:

I’ll be back to work on Space Grunts now, need to push an update later today ;)

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