Wrapping up for Early Access


Finally! I just added the final boss to Space Grunts!  I’m not revealing too much about it, altho as you can see above, and probably could expect, it’s the dude from the high-res artwork.

It took some time to figure out how to actually make it a fun boss-battle for a turn-based game. Personally I never want an end-boss to be really difficult, because a player finally managed to get there, and then I want the player to complete the game not overcome a hugely unfair task.

But I think I succeeded, and you’ll just have to find out by reaching his lair!

I’m now almost done with all the items on my important-list, which I want to wrap up before the Early Access release next week. Basically I only have “achievements” and “animations” on that list left. The first one might not even be that important to have right now, but we’ll see.

Feedback on the game has been awesome, with the first youtube video’s popping up and all having fun with the game.

Schermafbeelding 2015-09-10 om 14.11.21

So what’s left? Well I’ll start working on the animations first, as some of the “secret” triggers in the game can take players by surprise and not knowing what actually happened, so hoping the animations will make those things clearer and at least let you see that something special happened.  It’s also a safe way for me to add things to the game without breaking it just before the early access goes live!

For the end-boss I also had to add switches, and I designed these to be extremely flexible, so now I should dive back into the idea list and see if I can come up with interesting use cases for the switches. There’s one more cool things I came up with just recently, which I called “reinforcements” so let’s see how they work out !

Now go play the game if you haven’t yet.. :  www.spacegrunts.com

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